Why church ecards are a good idea

Launching a new sermon series? Beginning a new church year? Starting a new ministry? Starting a new church campus/church plant?

Whatever is on your church calendar, you want to notify as many people as possible so everyone is aware and will attend. There are multiple strategies and approaches to help accomplish your goals, but we'd like to introduce you to a new service that adds invites (electronic invitations) to church websites as a creative way of inviting people to church.


Free version

That's right. ChurchInviter.com is and always will have a free version. We even offer affordable plans for users that need more than free can offer.

Seemlessly embeds in to your website

It doesn't get easier than copying and pasting a code into your website to provide features to your visitors. All you have to do is create an account, grab the code, and embed. That easy. So, anytime you make a new invite or delete an invite from the ChurchInviter.com website, it will automatically be taken care of because of your unique HTML. There is also an option to just share a link if you don't have a website or can't make changes to it.

Design your own invites

This is a PLUS with ChurchInviter.com. The service allows you to creatively think outside the box and upload or design your own unique sermon graphics or invite graphics specific to your upcoming events. You have complete control over the design. Why use plain text and “canned images” when you can use custom graphics that make the invite visually appealing and have full control over technical aspects of the invite presentation?

Social media, statistics and more

Your visitors are given the ability to share the invites via Email, Twitter and Facebook. Also, from the administrative side of your “campaigns” you have at your finger tips stats of how many invites have been sent via Email, Twitter and Facebook. There is a alot about this service that is SOLID and is absolutely geared and focused on the needs of the Church to reach outside the walls and bring people in. I see it as an enhancement to church web administrators who do not know how to create custom invites but would like to make this available to church members or who would like to upgrade their exisiting solution. Is this a service that your church would consider? Are there any features that you would like to see incorporated? Make sure to let us know.

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