Aware3 + ChurchInviter

I’m going to show you how to add church invitations and ecards to your Aware3 church app using And if you haven’t heard of ChurchInviter, it’s a great way to add invitations and ecards to your church website and app. Aware3 of course is an amazing church app platform, my church loves it!  


How it’s done

Okay, so first, let’s head over to ChurchInviter and get setup real quick. Sign up. Add some ecards and invitations. Maybe select a few from the templates section. Then preview it and copy the share link to your clipboard.

Now let’s head over to our Aware3 account and login. Then click the “App” tab up top. There we have our various app icons. A few of these will allow us to link to our ecards. Those include: People, Bible, Public Page, and Connection Card (or something similar)

In this case, my church wasn’t using the “Public Page” app icon so I used it for the ecards link

First, I changed the name to something that encourages people to invite friends, “Invite a Friend”, of course you could say “Send an Ecard”, or something else.

Then I uploaded a new icon graphic with an invitation in it. Okay, now just click the magnifying glass to edit the details. And paste the ChurchInviter link that we copied earlier. Click “Update” and voila, we’re all setup!

Go check it out on your app and announce to your church that they can now invite and encourage friends through your church app!

Watch the full video tutorial below to see it in action:

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