It’s simple. Church invitations work.

Just check the statistics, according to a recent poll by Barna Group, 47% of America’s unchurched are willing to take up a friend’s offer to visit church.

Other forms of outreach like flyers, newspaper, and billboard ads are much less effective. Only 14-18% of people are open to this form of outreach and these can even turn some away. 

So it’s clear that invitations are the most effective way of growing your church but other stats show that less than 2% of church members are inviting people. Which is why we launched ChurchInviter! We want to remove as much friction as possible for members and to equip churches to make inviting more straight forward. You need a strategy. We want to partner with you to make it easy to equip your members with the tools they need to invite friends.

What’s easier than shooting a quick email inviting someone to church or to a church event? Or even inviting Facebook friends.

Once you have the ChurchInviter software setup, just direct your members to your app or website to invite friends to church services and events.

Easy to launch

  • Get social invitation campaigns up and running quickly with a single Javascript code snippet – have a live campaign running today.
  • Change campaign elements like share buttons and ecard copy anytime from the ChurchInviter platform. No need to round up developer resources every time you want to tweak something.

Easy to manage

  • Simple tools to create highly effective sharing buttons and widgets
  • Beautiful templates, fully customizable
  • Give your members a branded, more engaging sharing experience
  • Quickly customize ecards for sermon series and seasonal initiatives

ChurchInviter delivers on the promise…finally…that social sharing and invitations are an important strategy for any church. Now you can boost social sharing from your website, increase member invitations, and have fun doing it.

Check out ChurchInviter and sign up today!

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